Goan Vindaloo Pork

The curry dish Vindaloo is an Indian interpretation of carne de vinha d’alhos, which was developed in the former Portuguese colony of Goa in Portuguese India.

Carne de vinha d’alhos is a Portuguese dish, in which the meat is marinated in Wine and Garlic. The basic structure of the Portuguese dish was the Portuguese sailor’s “preserved” raw ingredients, packed in wooden barrels of alternate layers of pork and garlic, and soaked in wine. The recipe was modified by the local cooks of Goa with the substitution of palm vinegar for the red wine, and the addition of dried red chili peppers with additional spices. It evolved into the localized and easy-to-pronounce dish “Vindaloo “. Nowadays, the British Asian version of Vindaloo calls for the meat to be marinated in vinegar, sugar, fresh ginger and spices overnight, then cooked with the addition of more spices.

Since, I cannot handle the high spice flavor of the original Vindaloo. We have reduced the spice.. To make it spicier, just add more Red Chili Powder




500 grams




1 cup


Red Chili Powder


½ tea spoon

The original recipe requires 3 tea spoon

Cumin Powder


½ tea spoon


Black Pepper Powder

Kali Mirch

½ tea spoon


Turmeric Powder


1/4 tea spoon


Garlic Paste


1 table spoon




½ tea spoon



Marinate the Pork

  1. Clean, wash the pork and slice into 1 inch pieces
  2. In a big bowl, add the pork, vinegar, Red Chilli Powder, Cumin Powder, Black Pepper Powder, Turmeric Powder and Garlic Paste.
  3. Using your fingers, mix everything together.
  4. Keep aside for overnight. At least 2 hours.



2 table spoon






Mustard Seeds


1 tea spoon








  1. In a pressure cooker, heat up the oil
  2. Add the chopped onion and Rai Sauté till golden brown
  3. Add the Marinate Pork.
  4. Fry for around 3 minutes.
  5. Add tomato Puree
  6. Fry for around 5 minutes.
  7. Add two cups of water
  8. Pressure cook for 4 whistles


Enjoy with Rice.

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