Ancient Smoothie – Tulsi Honey Lassi

Lassi may be cosideed as the first yoghurt smoothie in the world. The concept originated somewhere around 1000 BC and began either with fine fruits or pure spices. It is well known for having Ayurvedic healing properties and gives a calming effect to the stomach and mind too.

It is originally from the lands of Punjab and Multan in India. Yoghurt is blended with water; having additives like fruits, spices, jaggery or sweeteners. The major variants of Lassi are sweet or salted. However, there are many new flavors introduced in this drink to give an amazing twist to the traditional yoghurt based drink. It is very refreshing that can be taken with breakfast or lunch.

Tulsi Honey Lassi is a refreshing beverage made using fresh curd and flavoring it with Indian Holy Basil leaves and honey.




1 cup




1 cup




2 table spoon


Green Cardamom


4 to 5


Indian Holy Basil


Around 10 leaves



  1. Mix everything in a hand blender.
  2. Enjoy Chilled.

Garnish with a Tulsi leaf and a Cardamom. If possible, serve in a Kulhar.

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