Crispy Bhindi Masala

The Mānasollāsa, also known as Abhilashitartha Chintamani, is an early 12th-century Sanskrit text composed by the South Indian king Someshvara III of the Kalyani Chalukya dynasty. It is an encyclopedic work covering topics such as polity, governance, ethics, economics, astronomy, astrology, rhetoric, veterinary medicine, horticulture, perfumes, food, architecture, sports, painting, poetry and music. The text is a valuable source of socio-cultural information on 11th- and 12th-century India.

In the Mānasollāsa, we have the first recorded mention of the Bhindi. Today, we will cook this ancient vegetable on which emperors dined.

Hope you enjoy 🙂





250 grams




2 table spoon




½ tea spoon




½ tea spoon



  1. Before cooking the okra, trim off the ends, being careful not to cut so deeply you expose hollow space inside and seeds.
  2. Wash the Bhindi.
  3. In a Kadai, heat the oil
  4. Add the Bhindi, salt and sugar
  5. Sauté for approx 2 minutes
  6. Reduce to low flame – Cover the lid and let it cook for 5 to 8 minutes. Make sure the Bhindi does not burn by stirring occasionally. If you want a crispy version, cook till the bhindi’s are dark brown. Make sure they don’t turn black.
  7. Remove Bhindi and keep aside.



1 tablespoon


Cumin Seeds


1 table spoon



Kadi Patta

7 to 8


Ginger Paste


½ tea spoon


Garlic Paste


½ tea spoon


Turmeric Powder


½ tea spoon


Coriander Powder

Dhaniya Powder

1 tea spoon


Red Chilli Powder


½ tea spoon




½ tea spoon



  1. In the same Kadai, heat the oil
  2. Add Jeera, Kadi Patta, Ginger Paste, Garlic Paste, turmeric powder, dhaniya powder, red chilli powder and salt.
  3. Stir fry to roast all the Masalas.
  4. Add the sautéed Bhindi and toss well
  5. Cook for another 2 to 3 minutes.


Enjoy with Roti.



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