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The following are some numismatic books on Mughal coins. This is an ongoing project. Please do keep on checking.



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Coins of Jahangir: Creations of a Numismatist

Andrew Liddle

A culmination of nearly eight years of extensive research, this book complements the history of Jahangir’s Mughal coins with illustrations for a readable reference on the most sought-after Mughal coins, known for their exquisite beauty and craftsmanship. The book includes a catalog section on hundreds of different types of gold coins, silver coins, and copper coins, with images and illustrations for more than 600 total coins. The investigative approach of the author offers an appeal to numismatic scholars and academics in finding answers to some of their most baffling questions, and the book also gives special attention to hobbyists and collectors, including a chapter on forgeries that is especially helpful for new collectors.


Monetary History of Mughal India as Reflected in Silver Coin Hoards

Jaroslav Strnad


Amazon India

Coins Of Jahangir



Amazon India

A Manual of Musalman Numismatics, Vol. 7

O Codrington


Amazon India

Historical Studies In Mughal Numismatics

Hodivala, Shahpurshah Hormash

Mediaeval India Under Mohammedan Rule (A.D. 712-1764)

Stanley Lane-Poole



The Coins of The Moghul Emperors of Hindustan in The British Museum

Stanley Lane-Poole



The Coins of India The Mughal Emperors Part VII(M7)

Arthur Needham, Mohammed Tariq



Catalogue Of The Coins In The Indian Museum Calcutta – Mughal Emperors Of India

Wright, Henry Nelson



Coins of Shah Jahan creations of an Architect

Andrew V Liddle



The Coins of India The Mughal Emperors Part VIII (M8) The Coins in the name of Jahandar Shah including the Pre-Accession Coinage of Azim-ush-shan

Mohammed Tariq Ansari and Arthur Needham













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