Baingan Bhaja

Baingan Bhaja Recipe is a dish prepared out of thick slices of the eggplant marinated in spices and coated with rice flour and deep fried.

Baingan is a rich source of fibre, potassium, Vitamin C and other essential nutrients. It has a soft texture and easily catches the flavor of the spices it is marinated with. It’s bitter- sweet taste is loved by many all over the world.

After China, India is the world’s second largest producer of egg plant amounting to around 22% of the world production.


Eggplant/ aubergine/ brinjal





Use the large purple variety of eggplant with less seeds to make this dish.

Red Chilli Powder

Lal Mirch

1/2 tea spoon




1 and ½ tea spoon

1 for brining and ½ for seasoning.

Rice Flour

Chawal ka atta

1/4 cup

We can use Besan or regular atta as well

Turmeric Powder


¼ tea spoon


Lemon Juice


1 table spoon

This is optional

Mustard Oil


Two to three table spoons

We may use vegetable oils as well, however we would be making this in authentic Bengali style.


Brine the Baingan

  1. Wash the eggplant and wipe it dry with a kitchen towel.
  2. Cut into 1 cm thick slices.
  3. Pour some water into a bowl. Add one teaspoon salt to it.
  4. Keep the baingan soaked in this water for approximately 10 minutes.

Marinate the Baingan

  1. Mix turmeric powder, red chilli powder, salt and rice flour in a plate.
  2. Apply this mixture all over the eggplant slices.


Fry the Baingan

  1. Heat mustard oil in a non stick tava
  2. Shallow fry in hot oil on high heat until golden brown from both the sides.
  3. Soak the fried baingan in kitchen paper to soak the excess oil.
  4. Serve immediately.

Its crispy texture makes it a perfect evening snack or it can even be served with Roti or Chawal for dinner.

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