Use Microsoft Desktop Connection to connect with headless Raspberry Pi

In the previous post, I had explained how to setup the headless Raspberry Pi. Once the Pi is setup, we would have to connect using a client. If you like to use Microsoft Remote Desktop Connection, we would have to install xrdp onto the Pi.

The Pi needs internet access. So, I plugged in a live net enabled Ethernet cable into my router.

Connect using Putty and install xrdp

Enter the following command

sudo apt-get install xrdp


If Prompted, enter your password.

Type Y for “do you want to continue

This is now installing xrdp on your Pi. Wait for it to be installed.

Restart your Pi by typing

sudo reboot


Connect using Remote Desktop Connection

Once the Pi has rebooted, launch Remote Desktop Connection, enter the IP address of the PI (Check the Router’s DHCP Lease table)

You would get a security warning, Click on Yes


You would be greeted with the Login Prompt.

Keep the module as Xorg and enter the UID/PID as pi/raspberry (Unless you have changed it)


After a few minutes, you would be greeted with the Raspberry Pi’s desktop






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